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We've been through a lot of, well, shit. It "smelled" awful ;), but now we realize that it was fertilizer for our growth.

Now we offer our coaching and Theta healing services to you on a "pay what you can basis". We help people see clearly what "fertilizer" they are standing in to propel them forward to a life that is more free, whole and congruent with their soul. That usually entails looking deeply at what is causing you pain.

We also run a one year coaching program, that you are welcome to enquire about.

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Who are we:

Mjølner is a body therapist, ear acupuncturist, Tai Ji Quan teacher, Theta Healer, trauma therapist and a lot more.

Katrine is a Theta Healer, intuitive-empathic coach, trauma therapist, mentor in self-worth and was born with a more open connection to God.

We have a handicapped daughter that has kicked our butt through a rapid development of our skills as councellors and coaches that we couldn't have gotten anywhere in the world, no matter how much we would have paid.

You get to benefit from all that, with less of the suffering than we did, if you're ready.

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